Common tasks


  • Remove WordPress logo and widgets from dashboard
  • Exclude admin from member directory and hide activity

Plugin + file changes

  • Buddypress forum search: copy to theme – bbpress/form-search.php
  • Use custom logo on wp-login.php: add images folder to theme – /images/site-login-logo.png

File changes

  • Profile Updates Filter in activity stream – the one case that needs remove_action: add to funcions.php:
//Remove "Profile Updates" from Filter in activity stream
remove_action( 'bp_activity_filter_options', 'xprofile_activity_filter_options' );
  • Activity filters – – From wp-content\plugins\buddypress\bp-templates\bp-legacy\buddypress: a. copy to theme/buddypress/activity/index.php; b. copy to theme/buddypress/members/single/activity.php
  • Make bbpress and Buddypress Password protected – copy a page template such as page.php
  1. bbpress.php – add protection
  2. buddypress.php – add protection
  3. index-register.php and index-activate.php – simply rename page template and copy to to theme/buddypress/members/

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