WordPress › Support » Deleting activity does not delete uploaded images

Think this does what I was asking for, if anyone else is interested:

function delete_activity_images( $args ) {

// This function is designed to delete images added by

// BuddyPress Activity Plus (BPAP), so we first check for the constant

// which defines the path to uploaded images.

// If its not there, assume we use the default value

if (!defined('BPFB_BASE_IMAGE_DIR')) {

define('BPFB_BASE_IMAGE_DIR', $wp_upload_dir['basedir'] . '/bpfb/', true);


// Get the contents of the activity we are about to delete

global $wpdb;

$content = $wpdb->get_var( $wpdb->prepare( "SELECT content FROM ".$wpdb->prefix."bp_activity WHERE id = %d;", $args['id'] ) );

if ($content != '') {

// Look for the shortcode surrounding image filenames uploaded the BPAP

$matches = array();

preg_match('/\[bpfb_images\](.*?)\[\/bpfb_images\]/s', $content, $matches);

// If there are any images, delete each one and its thumbnail

if ($matches) {

foreach ($matches as $match) {

$images = array();

$images = explode('\n', trim(strip_tags($match)));

if (!empty($images)) {

foreach ($images as $image) {


$image_fn = substr($image, 0, strrpos($image, '.'));

$image_ext = substr($image, strrpos($image, '.') + 1);








add_action( 'bp_before_activity_delete', 'delete_activity_images');

Any suggestions on improving efficiency would be very welcome.

via WordPress › Support » Deleting activity does not delete uploaded images.

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